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Posted on Apr 18, 2012 by webmaster  | Tags: Vierraumladen, Cranachstrasse, Veranstaltung, Friedenau, Berlin

Meeting in Berlin
Galerie Zero
This prestigious event to finish the year in Berlin will be realized in a known gallery situated in a traditional area of the city. A place frequented by known people as Günter Grass , Rosa Luxemburg and Marlene Dietrich , who selected this area to work and live.

Meeting in Berlin

We are selecting about 10 artists for this event (all media) and wish to accentuate the innovative and professional characteristics of the works.

As the artists are going to be of different continents, using different media ( painting, photography, video) we expect a conjunction of works characterized by the unification of differences.

in der Galerie VIERRAUMLADEN
Cranachstraße 46, 12 157 Berlin, Germany

Kontakt und Anfragen: berlin[-at-]vierraumladen[-dot-]de

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